Certified Business Valuation Services and Merger & Acquisition Consulting

Damages & Lost Profit Claims

When disputes involving economic damages and financial losses due to lost profits occur often, a quantification of the damages and/or lost profits is a necessity. The quantification of damages may be the most important issue in a case, it may also be the most challenging to determine. A qualified valuation expert who can appropriately value and address the complexities of economic damages and lost profits is imperative. Calculating or disputing the value of claims of this nature often requires an analysis of what the financial conditions would have been “but for” the defendant’s actions. The professionals of Anchor Business Valuations & Financial Services, LLC support damage calculations by using historical financial data and applying business expertise to create comprehensive financial forecasts and valuation models.

Our reports are prepared to support litigation involving:

  • Shareholder & Partnership Disputes
  • Fair Value Analysis in Shareholder / Minority Oppression & Dissension Actions
  • Analysis of Lost Business Value
  • Economic Damage Quantification
  • Analysis and Quantification of Business Interruption Claims / Lost Profits

At Anchor Business Valuations & Financial Services, LLC, our wide breadth of experience and expertise enables us to offer comprehensive valuation reports that are carefully documented and supported. Our professionals have the knowledge, proficiency, and credibility to effectively communicate their findings to clients in timely, efficient manner.