Certified Business Valuation Services and Merger & Acquisition Consulting

Matrimonial Dissolution ("Divorce") Valuation & Litigation Support

Anchor Business Valuations & Financial Services, LLC provides valuation, forensic accounting, and advisory services in the matrimonial litigation setting. Through many years and countless cases, we have helped our clients and their counsel resolve complicated matters that exist in the context of marital dissolution. Whether court appointed in a neutral capacity or directly retained by one party in litigation, we can be entrusted to determine financial scenarios in an accurate and independent manner.

In addition to valuation services, Anchor offers a variety of litigation support services. (These services are often in conjunction with a business valuation engagement.) Some of the support services provided include :

  • Preparation and review of legal documents (including affidavits, interrogatories, equitable distribution worksheets, motion reviews, deposition reviews, etc).
  • Income determination (pre, during, and post-settlement).
  • Lifestyle analysis (pre, during, and post-settlement).
  • Review of opposing expert’s work products.

Valuation Services for Marital Dissolution Matters

  • Valuation of controlling and minority interests in closely held businesses.
  • Review and/or quantification of personal and entity goodwill comprised within the subject company.
  • Valuation of employee stock options.
  • Preparation of expert reports, as necessary.

Forensic Accounting Services – Uncovering Hidden Income or Assets3

  • Preparation of lifestyle analysis to quantify unreported income.
  • Preparation of the marital balance sheet to identify marital vs. separate property.
  • Identification of actual income available for child support and alimony.
  • Asset tracing to confirm or refute the existence of separate property.

Litigation Support – Expert Witness or Consulting Capacity

  • Assist counsel with the deposition of opposing experts.
  • Assist with the preparation of trial exhibits.
  • Review the reports prepared by opposing experts.
  • Expert witness testimony, as necessary.

2Collaborative/Cooperative and Neutral Expert Services

3We often work collectively with highly reputable forensic accounting experts in complex asset dissipation matters.