Certified Business Valuation Services and Merger & Acquisition Consulting

Valuations for Underwriting/Lending Purposes

Anchor works with many regional and local banks by supplying abbreviated valuations to ensure that the lender is lending at rates and amounts that can be supported by the subject company’s operational cash flow. In addition, banks will recommend our services directly to sellers and buyers to obtain a valuation that the bank feels comfortable with to ensure that underwriting is accurately secured, and that the client feels comfortable borrowing. Frequently, small business acquisitions will require other lending sources outside of an SBA. For example, the seller will often “lend” the buyer of the business a small percentage and structure it as a “seller’s note”. On many occasions we have worked with both parties (buyer and seller) in obtaining a value based upon future cash flows post-acquisition. Anchor is often the liaison between the client and the lender and will review the valuation specifics including, but not limited to, future growth percentages and discount/cap rates (such as rates of return for the subject company).