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Next Steps Post-Ian

In this inconceivably horrible time for so many people we wanted to send everyone in need our prayers and condolences and share a few proposed steps to take in order to attempt a swift financial recovery.

  • Contact your insurance agent, broker or insurance company as soon as you can to file a claim.
  • Prepare a list of damaged or lost items and proof of cost (if possible).
  • Memorialize the effects of the storm early on in the cleanup process.
  • Photograph or videotape the damage for further documentation to support your claim.
  • If possible, keep damaged items or portions of those items until the claims adjuster has visited your home.
  • Do not throw away anything you plan to claim without discussing it with your adjuster first.
  • Keep receipts for additional expenses incurred such as lodging, repairs or other supplies.
  • Make copies of all documents and pictures given to your claims adjuster or insurance company.
  • Stop unnecessary expenses if your house is inhabitable. Notify the utility company and other service companies (phone, internet, etc.) so they can stop billing immediately.
  • Estimate the amount of income and emergency savings you have to pay bills while you recover from the disaster in order to create a prioritized budget. Insurance premiums and rent or mortgage as top priority.
  • Call creditors and ask for more time to pay as need be.

Below is a link to the FEMA Disaster Recovery page for Hurricane Ian.
Everyone be safe and support those in need.

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